I saw “Dick Dael” and “Junyur Brown” at The Surf Club!

23 Jun

The Executive Surf Club is somewhat of a landmark in downtown Corpus Christi, TX. It’s a long-standing live music venue in a town where live music venues don’t seem to last too long. If you’re ever in the downtown Corpus Christi area, stop by and order a surf burger and batter fries with a side of walnut dressing; you’ll thank me for it later.

So while I fully endorse The Executive Surf Club, I’ve got to call them out. A few weeks ago,  I attended a party down the street from The Surf Club and as we were leaving, I pointed out to my friend the fact that their sign was done in Comic Sans typeface.

Because nothing screams 'Executive' like Comic Sans font

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It gets worse, however. Yesterday I had lunch at The Surf Club with some family, and my brother pointed this out to me. Quite frankly, this is inexcusable.

lol @ Dead Kennedies

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Corpus Christi, Texas is already ranked as the second-least literate city in the United States, and crap like this isn’t helping. Seriously, Executive Surf Club, there is no need for the “scare quotes” around the artists’ names. If the plaque had said Leonardo “Flaco” Jiménez, that would be perfectly acceptable, but since he is universally known as Flaco Jiménez, the quotation marks are entirely unnecessary.

Also, the band’s name is Dead Kennedys. Although considering it was not the Jello Biafra-era version of the DKs, maybe they did call themselves The Dead Kennedies. I’m also sure the “surviving members” of Isidro Lopez‘s “family” are rather “upset” that the plaque misspells his “name”.

At first I thought that the use of Open Mike was incorrect, but it turns out that while both Open Mike and Open Mic are acceptable, Open Mike is the preferred usage. Go figure.

Again, this is totally inexcusable. It indicates massive failure on several levels: First, whoever wrote the copy should be fired and told never to write again. If the owner or management approved the copy, they need to suck it up and shell out the money for a new plaque; pardon my French, but this is a fucking embarrassment. And finally, I don’t know what company made the plaque, but I would not do any further business with them. It doesn’t matter if they used the copy that was provided to them; if you’re in the business of making professional-looking commemorative plaques, you should have enough sense to know that your customers can’t always be depended on to provide professionally written copy. An eighth-grader could have probably done a competent job of correcting the errors in this plaque, so everything points to the possibility that from start to finish, not a single person bothered to check for mistakes.

While I was taking these photographs, some tourists walked by and commented on the street construction (visible in the first photo) and then asked where they could find a good burger and beer nearby. Without hesitating, I pointed to The Executive Surf Club. Still, I have to wonder how many educated visitors see that sign and giggle, thinking what a bunch of yokels we are.

…and because I’m a dick, I sent the second photo to The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks.

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  1. Randy_Oldgoat June 25, 2013 at 6:38 am #

    Y’know, it’s a good thing that Caro Brown didn’t live to see this and the generally deplorable state of print journalism these days.

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